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accent pillow case baby decorative How to Hang a Tapestry pillow cover home decor

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accent pillow case baby decorative How to Hang a Tapestry pillow cover home decor
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You can add both color and texture to an otherwise bland wall if you learn how to hang a tapestry. The vivid imagery printed on or woven into cloth can even brighten a dorm room, where decorators must consider hanging tapestries without nails.

This guide outlines how to hang a tapestry or other fabric on a wall using different methods, including hanging a tapestry from the ceiling for a canopy effect in your home decor.

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A curtain rod is a more permanent solution for hanging tapestry on a wall.

Easy-to-remove adhesive-backed picture hanging strips are a great solution for hanging a tapestry in a dorm room.

The number of connection points you use will depend on the dimensions and weight of the tapestries. You will typically need one set of strips for each corner of the wall accents. See package labeling for weight limits.

If you’re thinking about how to hang a tapestry from the ceiling above a bed or sitting areaaccent pillow case baby decorative, consider adhesive-backed strips or hook-and-loop fasteners.

Attach one side of the fasteners to the fabric and the other to the ceiling, following package instructions. Press the pieces together to hang the material at the desired location.

Note: If you have a textured ceiling, use a hot glue gun to put a dot of clear glue on the hook and loop strip to hold it to the ceiling.

Here’s how to hang a tapestry with a dowel:

If you aren’t concerned with holes in the wall, nails or push pins provide the easiest method for hanging a tapestry. It works better with fabric that has a larger weave that allows the tack to pass through without damage.

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