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accent pillow case baby decorative New Arrivals. Soft and Snug Lara Huckaback Towels of Fabulous Colours! linen pillow covers

custom design gift for father
custom design gift for father
accent pillow case baby decora
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accent pillow case baby decorative New Arrivals. Soft and Snug Lara Huckaback Towels of Fabulous Colours! linen pillow covers
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After coming back from busy exhibition period LinenMe team is presenting new and colorful pure linen Lara towel collection. Lara towels were highly appreciated in New York International Gift Fair and Maison&;Objet exhibition in Paris! The distinctive feature of these high quality huckaback towels is their softness which is possible due to garment wash technology which makes fabric tender and very pleasant one’s skin. And this quality is of a big importance – small things make our lives prettier, so when you wrap yourself in a softy and comfy towel after the morning shower or evening bath, a special mood is guaranteed!? Add vibrant colour and an exceptional quality of linen fabric – to absorb moisture instantly with no rubbing needed – and you get a luxurious bathroom textile! We often joke that linen towels are addictive – once you tryaccent pillow case baby decorative, you do not want anything else. Usual cotton towels become a stack in a closet!

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At the moment there is a choice of six colors’ towels presented: natural, cream, aubergine, citrine, orange and teal of two sizes. Towels of the latter three colors are brand new! Shortly more colors will be added. We will keep you informed!

All Lara towels have a touch of vintage feeling, so they will supplement the classic style bathroom interior or add some character to a modern one. Choose the color that warms your heart and puts a smile to your face – transform your bathroom from merely a functional room to a stylish place – a private oasis where all your days start and end with pleasant feelings!

Make a unique statement with wallpaper in sensational colors and patterns.

Recently in a wordless post called simply Casa Malaparte, Atelier featured some elegant, elemental tables made by placing a flat surface-on-pillars-or-stones; they reminded us of our favorite Le Corbusier table, a slab of concrete on a concrete block base. It sent us rooting through our file of slab-and-pillar tables, ?a great formula for oddly chic d-i-y tables. Pillars can mean many things, like the oil drum-and-wood-slab-table we clipped from Style Files some time back:

Guide Thanksgiving guests to their seats — and give little hands a fun project in the days beforehand —?with easy embroidered table cards. Stitch each name onto a sturdy leaf (these are magnolia), and let nature's paper spruce up the feast.