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accent pillow case baby decorative New Bold Tip Transfer Pens! personalized rustic pillow covers

custom design gift for father
custom design gift for father
accent pillow case baby decora
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accent pillow case baby decorative New Bold Tip Transfer Pens! personalized rustic pillow covers
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It's a new iron on transfer pen! My new?Bold Tip Transfer Pen is designed for transferring onto sturdier, coarser fabrics and embroidering with thicker threads, or other types of embroidery like crewel.?I looove big, bold embroideryaccent pillow case baby decorative, and thought you might like to have an accessible tool?to help you experiment with it, too!

With this pen, you have lots of creative options:

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1. This pen has a continuous inkflow. You don't need to press the nib to get the ink flowing, which often results in overflow and can ruin your pattern.

2. The tip can make thick OR thin lines.?By using the very tip (and a light touch) you can make a thin line, or?a thicker line by angling it slightly. (Though, it doesn't make lines as thin as my Fine Tip Transfer Pens.)

This also means, you can create a pattern with a mix of?line widths to indicate where you want to use thick threads or where you want to use finer threads!?

3. Visible on denim (and other surfaces). Denim is one of the most fun and flashy fabrics to embellish with embroidery. My Fine Tip Transfer Pens?aren't really made for that job, but?this Bold Tip Transfer Pen is! And it's not just for denim: think of coarser fabrics and challenging surfaces.?Burlap, heavy linens, canvas, wood for painting templates...

Check out what I made with it:

(This is linen embroidered with cotton yarn.)

My?black cat pattern called "Mysterious Guest is available here.

And let me know how you like?this new pen!?For now it's available only in black ink, but more colors may become available soon!

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