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accent pillow case baby decorative Adjustable Canvas Cup Holder – Be Lazy Challenge personalised birthday gifts

custom design gift for father
custom design gift for father
accent pillow case baby decora
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accent pillow case baby decorative Adjustable Canvas Cup Holder – Be Lazy Challenge personalised birthday gifts
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There’;s nothing more relaxing than a lazy morning with your favorite hot beverage. The recipe for perfection is simple: kick back, breathe deep, and take a sip. If your cup is a little too warm for your fingers you’;ll want a coffee cozy to protect them. If you have more than one favorite cup you’;ll want a cozy that is adjustable. But why stop there? Let’;s add your favorite coloraccent pillow case baby decorative, a touch of lace for luxury, and hand stitching for originality. That’;s a project that will take forever, you’;re a busy person with so much on your mind! May we tempt you with a project that offers all of the above and will take less than an hour to complete? Charity Hotrum has prepared just the thing. Read on!

Supplies:Canvas Corp Canvas Garland 2″; width7gypsies Lace Trimmings Assorted PackTattered Angels Glimmer Mist Cranberry ZingPrism Embroidery Thread2 medium buttons2 small buttonsGoody Hair Band

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Tools:NeedleStraight PinsIron

Step 1:?Wrap Canvas Garland around cup with a 1″; overlap and cut.

Step 2:??Spritz Canvas Garland with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist.I spritz mine in the kitchen sink to avoid over-spray. Let sit 5 min, then place spritz side down on a dark towel and iron on a cotton setting.

Step 3:??Cut Lace Trim 1/2″; longer than Canvas Garland. Lay on spritz side of Canvas Garland. Turn one end under 1/2″;. Use straight pins to secure.

Step 4:Secure small button to the center end with one stitch.As you stitch the buttons to the garland end you will also be tacking the turned-under-end down.

Step 5:?Stack medium button on top and stitch both buttons to the end, together.?

Step 6: Stitch lace to canvas garland with back stitch.Knot the thread and pull it through the fabric to the front. Insert needle 1/4″ below the thread and back out 1/4″ above the thread. Insert it again, this time where the last stitch started and back out 1/4″ above the most recent stitch. On top of the garland you will be sewing backwards, but underneath you will be sewing forwards.

Step 7:Turn the other end under and secure with stacked buttons as in Steps 4 and 5.

The elastic hair band and the buttons make this cozy adjustable.??The layered buttons give the hair band a notch to rest in.?Wrap the band once for a large cup or twice for a smaller cup.

Have you not yet entered the January Challenge you will find all the info here! We accept submissions until February 5.

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