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accent pillow case baby decorative Wings on Wednesday- Man in the Moon Mini Art personalised birthday gifts

custom design gift for father
custom design gift for father
accent pillow case baby decora
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accent pillow case baby decorative Wings on Wednesday- Man in the Moon Mini Art personalised birthday gifts
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“;The evening found me lonely and I thought you might be lonely too. So I brought a message from The Man in the Moon for you”;

I am a bit dreamy, a bit of a romantic –; and with this project, I have re-imangined the Man in the Moon as an angel with this upcycled mini art.

jute lumbar pillow

I discovered a 3×;3 framed mini plaque with broken glass in the clearance bin at Michael’;s –; picked it up for $1 to make this altered art transformation (which includes the 2 x 2 mini canvas from Canvas Home Basics that I love for so many projects!)

Using a medium grit sandpaperaccent pillow case baby decorative, I prepped the originally painted frame and then applied a primer. I then used various colors of Tattered Angels sprays and paints on both the frame and 2×;2 mini canvas.? Sand and paint, repeat –; until you get the texture and colors you want. My mini canvas background is patterned paper from the Wanderlust collection.

A set of resin wings –; sanded and painted. A moon face die cut, patterned paper from the?Wanderlust Collection.

Stay dreamy, angels!


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