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accent pillow case baby decorative Wings On Wednesday- Starred Wings … personalised birthday gifts

custom design gift for father
custom design gift for father
accent pillow case baby decora
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accent pillow case baby decorative Wings On Wednesday- Starred Wings … personalised birthday gifts
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Charity here from Scrappin’ Chaos with an invitation to fly away with me! Wings give us an emotional connection to the sky, a symbolic release of worries, and a visual statement of personal freedom. They also make a great decorative element! These wings were fairly simple to makeaccent pillow case baby decorative, but a very time consuming process.? Supplies:Canvas Corp Paper –; Gold &; White Star? 7 Sheets 3 metal cutting dies Cardboard Helmar GlueThe first step was to draw my wings onto cardboard then cut them out. To make sure they matched I drew one wing then traced it for the second. I got a little help from my daughter with the shape and such. It is definitely an asset to have three other artists in the house.The wings were time consuming because they have about 70 feathers each, cut with one specific die. If you have an electronic cutting system these wings could be completed in an afternoon. I used Helmar’s Tacky Craft Glue and found it PERFECT for this project.I started at the wing tips and layered the feathers in rows. The first two rows are the densest with 20 feathers per row.I placed the third row at the same angle as the first two even though several feathers hung over the edge.Once the glue had dried I flipped the wing over to assess the problem.A quick cut with my?craft knife and I was ready to start the fourth row.The fourth row had more holes in it and took more time to piece. I placed each feather with an awareness that this was the top row. I laid the border feathers on while arranging the fourth row to be sure everything was placed exactly.A considerable hang over had to be trimmed off the fourth row as well.One final row of feathers, these cut from a pair of different dies, bordered the edge of the wings. This row of feathers evened out the raw cut edge. It gave the wings a finished look.

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~Charity Hotrum~

Nothing makes me happy?quite like creative Valentine’s Day ideas. Valentine’s Day is?the prettiest holiday, so I’ve done a post about it almost every year. Sure, Christmas is wonderful and festive and sparkly, but Valentine’s Day gives me a feeling of hope. Not for sentimental reasons, like romance or love, but for the aesthetics of it. Ok, the romantic?stuff can be pretty sweet too but the decorative changes make me giddy?when I need it the most. Valentine’s Day is in the dead of winter, when Seattle is super rainy, gray, cold, and basically miserable. And then all of a sudden, everything is beautifully covered in red and pink, there are flowers everywhere, and there’s a lightness and vibrance all around us that we haven’t seen in months, and won’t see again until May.

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