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accent pillow case baby decorative Before and After- A Stenciled Table Makeover Personality linen pillow covers

custom design gift for father
custom design gift for father
accent pillow case baby decora
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accent pillow case baby decorative Before and After- A Stenciled Table Makeover Personality linen pillow covers
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Good morning, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends.? Have you ever spotted a piece of furniture on the side of the road and thought you could give it a makeover?? Sometimes a piece of trash can actually be a curbside treasure.? All it takes is a little bit of paint and one of our stencils to give it a whole new look.? Today we’;re going to share a side table makeover project that is sure to inspire.

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We’;d like to welcome back Anam, the creative DIYer behind the blog Delicious and DIY.? Anam stumbled upon this little curbside cutie.? She saw a ton of possibility in this little lime green side table.? Here’;s what it looked like before the project.

This adorable side table was just waiting to be stenciled!? Anam chose to paint it first.? She used her HomeRight Finish paint sprayer to cover the table with a coat of Velvet Finishes in the color Vivid.? She commented, “;The color combination I was going for was a red and navy blue kinda vibe.”;

Once the table was paintedaccent pillow case baby decorative, Anam was ready for the fun part, stenciling! She browsed our large collection of furniture stencils and landed on our Indian Inlay Stencil kit.? This stencil comes in five pieces so it’;s easy to customize a piece of furniture.

She positioned the stencil on the top of the table and used a bit of blue painters tape to hold it in place.? Anam painted the pattern using two blue paint colors from Velvet Finishes, Modern and Handsome.

If you’;re trying to recreate this, pour your paint onto a plate or paint tray.?? Dip your stencil brush into the paint.? Brush off the excess paint onto your folded paper towel until the brush looks almost dry. The key to stenciling is using as little paint as possible.? Too much paint will cause the design to bleed and smudge.? Next you will paint the design onto the table with the stencil brush.? Once the pattern is complete, you’;ll need to reposition the stencil to complete the design.? Simply pick up the stencil, align it, and continue painting the pattern.

Once the stencil was complete, Anam went over the entire table with a High Gloss Spray. Presto chango, bet you would never guess this started out as a lime green side table!

We think Anam’;s table makeover turned out amazing! She’;s also running a Velvet Finishes giveaway so be sure to pick up your Indian Inlay Stencil kit and enter to win paint!

Tell us: What do you think of this stenciled side table transformation? Leave us a comment below!

Looking for more stencil fun?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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