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accent pillow case baby decorative Learn To Sew- Xtra EZ Tufted Pom Pillow customized rustic pillow covers

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custom design gift for father
accent pillow case baby decora
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accent pillow case baby decorative Learn To Sew- Xtra EZ Tufted Pom Pillow customized rustic pillow covers
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Have more Xtra EZ fun with our happy pom pom pillow. This Learn To Sew series is targeted at those of you just getting into the joy of sewing. But it's also great for the experienced ones among you who are looking for great beginner projects to use to pass along your skills. All three of our Xtra EZ pillows would be wonderful to make with children who are learning to sew. The?articles have additional steps to shed light on cutting skills and other sewing basics. Plus, each teaches specific techniques that will be valuable for future projects. For this pillow, you'll learn the tools and tricks to apply a simple trimaccent pillow case baby decorative, how to sew a center tufted button, and how to square-up your fabric.?

If you're following along with all our Xtra EZ articles, you'll notice we repeat some steps from project to project. This is so each one can stand alone as a full and independent beginner project.

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Our pillow finishes at 16" x 16". Our recommended cuts are a bit larger than we sometimes specify for our S4H pillows. This is because a bigger cover is easier for a beginner. If you'd prefer a tighter fit for your pillow cover, reduce the cuts below from 17" x 17" to 16" x 16".

Try the?Pony Tail Bolster?to learn how to add professional topstitching and create a super skinny tie. Or, try the Easy Nine Patch Pillow?to learn a simple quilt block and an envelope style back closure.??

We originally used fabric from the?Love &; Joy collection by Dena Designs for FreeSpirit Fabrics.?This is an older collection that is no longer readily available.?We found another pretty aqua combination in?Retro Florals?by Michael Miller at Hawthorne Threads. It's a popular fabric and we show two other colorways to consider.?

The feet we used:

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Project Design: Alicia Thommas ? ? ? Sample Creation and Instructional Outline: Michele Mishler

Glam up your pumpkins with this super quick project. ?These make a great centerpiece and a fun project to do with the kids.

Courtney from?A Diamond in the Stuff?is back to give us another awesome?guest post today!! Courtney’s specialty is home décor projects and makes decorating your home with DIY projects seem so easy and fun! Please show Courtney some love by visiting her awesome blog?and giving her a “like” on her facebook page.

Hello everyone. Evelyn Walter?here today. I want to share with you how I upcycled my wooden high veg bed to make it real crafter worthy… hahaha yes, I said it! But let me tell you the story from the beginning…Last year, I built up a little high bed on my terrace; I wanted to have some salat and vegetables, some herbs and tomatoes on my own, but I didn′t want the snails to reach – so this little high bed was perfect, the open space on my terrace had exactly the right dimensions and so my son prepared the underground and we put it together.Being filled, the planted vegetables grew wonderful!This year I added some potting soil and started to plant new. Everything is growing wonderful again and I am very happy with it – except with the look of it. It looked really worn and dirty and I didn′t like it.