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accent pillow case baby decorative Letter for Santa Pocket Pillow customized rustic pillow covers

custom design gift for father
custom design gift for father
accent pillow case baby decora
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accent pillow case baby decorative Letter for Santa Pocket Pillow customized rustic pillow covers
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Growing up, we had a very special Little Golden Book? that only appeared during the Christmas season. It was called Santa's Toy Shop. It had a thin plot line, but we loved it. Santa was sad because he never had time to play with the toys he made. So Mrs. Claus convinced him to stop at the last house on his route. There, he would take the time to sit down, have a cookieaccent pillow case baby decorative, and play with some toys before turning the reindeer back home. There was a question at the end of the book, one that kept us hanging on the edge of our seats each Christmas Eve. Would our house be Santa's last stop this year? We never were able to stay awake long enough to find out! This?project falls right in line with that sweet holiday tradition. These adorable pillows are made from panel fabric. Normally used for quick and easy quilts, we knew there had to be some other fun ways to use these pretty panel blocks, like a Santa Letter Pocket Pillow, because surely he's stopping at your house this year!

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There are two pockets; tuck a letter to Santa in one and a special treat for him in the other. Then, leave the pillow out overnight, and check in the morning to see what Santa has returned. Perhaps a letter back and another special treat!?

We chose a Dr. Suess? holiday panel from Fabric.com, but there are lots of options when it comes to panel designs,?including our alternate selections below. You can easily personalize a pillow for each person on Santa's list. The individual panels are cut to create the pockets as well as to use for appliqué accents on the front and back. We made two pillows from just one panel plus some coordinating prints for the backing. The "Green Jelly Bean" print is currently out-of-stock, but we have listed a coordinating alternative below.

Additional panel options are shown below. Click on an image to see the full panel in store.



Panel blocks vary in size and shape. You should adjust your layout as well as the pocket and appliqué measurements to best fit your fabric and pillow size. And, while panels work great for this project, and are very economical, you could also fussy cut blocks from standard yardage. Select a festive print with larger motifs.?Our sizing is based on approximate 7" x 7" motifs.?

This would be a fun new tradition for the little ones that takes "milk and cookies" to a more personal level. Our sample pillows finish at 16" x 16" each. ?

Amounts shown below are for TWO coordinating Santa pillows.

NOTE: Our photos show the construction of Pillow A of our pillow pair. The two pillows are constructed in exactly the same manner. The differences are as follows: the fabrics for front and back are reversed, the color of the poms are different, and all five panel blocks are unique for each pillow.?


Project Design: Alicia Thommas? Sample Creation and Instructional Outline: Michele Mishler

We?continue the series of challenges for the Creative Crew called Quick & Quirky – a quick challenge where we share one commonly found object from our homes or studio and the Crew has one week to make something, anything and upload to instagram, facebook using the ?#?ccbquickquirkyproject?. The challenge item must be incorporated in the project somehow and the Crew Member must use at least one product from Canvas Corp Brands. They can add anything else they wish. The goal is to have fun, without stress. Simply to pimp their stash! ?We are thinking about expanding this challenge to everyone, comment if you would like us to do that.

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One of my favorite things in the playroom is the giant ruler growth chart. ?It made a small appearance on the playroom mood board, but it is actually a key piece that makes this room playful. ?The giant ruler is functional and whimsical decor. ?Plus…it fits perfectly on the tiny wall between the linen closet and the guest room door.