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accent pillow case baby decorative Cross Ventilation Strategies to Keep Your House Cool – Window Blinds and Retractable Screens pillow covers floral

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accent pillow case baby decorative Cross Ventilation Strategies to Keep Your House Cool – Window Blinds and Retractable Screens pillow covers floral
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The cost of cooling your home increases with the rise in temperatures, especially when you use air conditioners. Although, using an air conditioner to lower the temperature is the ideal way to keep your home cool during summer, you still have several other means appreciably to cut your energy bill. If you opt to go the green route and if you want to save on power bills, leave your air conditioner aside and adopt eco-friendly options to drop the heat formed inside your homes and reduce the heat sources.

For a start, consider using drapes, blinds and window shades in white color to deflect the sun’s rays and the heat from the house. By closing the blindsaccent pillow case baby decorative, drapes and shades that face the sun (In the morning, the windows facing the east and in the afternoon, windows facing the west), you can, largely, prevent the sun’s heat entering, and expect more efficient cooling from the air conditioners and fans.

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How Thermal Blinds aid in cooling your house.

Unlike the normal window blinds, one can easily discern thermal blinds from their exclusive design that surpass others by the special mode of their construction, fabricated as they are, with layers of varieties of materials compressed over a particular film that reflects heat or light. Thermal blinds play an adequate role not only in shielding the inside of the house from the sunlight and heat during summer, but also play their important role of shielding the cold air from entering your home during the punishing winters.

During summer, these thermal blinds effectively keep the sun’s harsh rays from entering the rooms, thereby protecting the furniture inside from losing their sheen by color fading leading to discoloration.

How Retractable Screens Can Allow For Cross Air Ventilation

Considering the soaring prices on energy and environmental problems, house owners are Keen on searching for efficient means to cool their homes. One good way is to provide more ventilation in the house, and what better way can you find than by making good use of the natural resource of the cooling effect of the breeze by making effective use of the predominant winds. Retractable Screens, preferably motorized, are ideal for this purpose and they effectively obstruct insects from entering your outdoor and indoor living areas. At the touch of a button, motorized screens appear, shield the direct glare of the sunlight, and increase your privacy and disappear when not necessary.

You stand to cut your power bills from using air conditioners by providing cross ventilation where cold air pushes out the warm air from the building, cooling your home and simultaneously removing the indoor pollutants.

Permanently fixed screen doors and screened spaces have their meshes that allow the same level of cross ventilation that retractable screens provide. The retractable screens however offer an adjustable setting for controlling the breeze flow by lowering the screens during the summer months to protect your belongings and raising the screen during winter.

Additionally, retractable screens enable you to have fresh ventilation in spaces that you never thought possible earlier. Opposing openings kept open, provide the best way of generating cross ventilation. This also helps drive out the indoor air that is always more polluted than the out-door air.

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