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accent pillow case baby decorative Loft Conversions- Interior Design – Industrial Loft Apartments funny cushion covers

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custom design gift for father
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accent pillow case baby decorative Loft Conversions- Interior Design – Industrial Loft Apartments funny cushion covers
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Loft living is not only for homes which have loft conversions. This interior design style is used as a style in its own right with the emphasis being placed on industrial lofts which have been commercially converted into trendy apartments with a minimalism decorating stance as far back as the 1950's and some believe even earlier.

The main focus of this style of interior design is to use the motto of industrial design Dieter Rams – 'Less but Better' with the emphasis being on quality rather quantity, although many dispute that it was Rams that coined the phrase. Geometric outlines, the use of natural colours and textures, sleek, clean lines and simplified structures are the key aspects of Ram's design style.

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Over the decades the industrial loft interior design style remains more or less the sameaccent pillow case baby decorative, with the addition of modern technologies and creature comforts we all (well, almost all) take for granted these days. The concept of converting disused industrial buildings has seen some fabulous regeneration projects turn unused buildings into chic and trendy loft apartments which are currently one of the most fashionable urban dwellings to reside in.

The use of texture remains a key feature, leather sofas and chairs with an aged and distressed look are often used, as they also embrace the regeneration aspect. Concrete flooring is also left bare with large rugs being used to add a touch of comfort and break up large expanses of flooring. Alternatively wooden flooring is used to bring a natural warmth and feel to the rooms. Large windows are also very typical and due to the location and height of some lofts they are left undressed in lounges, dining and kitchen areas.

Window blinds are ideal window dressings for private rooms, bathrooms, loos, bedrooms etc. Skylight blinds can also be used to great effect when skylight roof windows have been installed. Keep your colour scheme as natural as possible, off whites, cream, beige, slate greys and natural wood colours are ideal and use the colours within exposed brickwork as your accent colour to bring a sense of cohesion and balance to the rooms.

Loft apartments may be large and spacious, however, they are rarely cluttered as this would go against the minimalistic approach to the style. In many ways this is easy to achieve as many inhabitants of industrial loft apartments don't have children, and those that do make clever use of storage in order to stay true to the design concept.

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