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accent pillow case baby decorative Spring Cleaning Tips To Spruce Up Your Home pillow covers floral

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custom design gift for father
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accent pillow case baby decorative Spring Cleaning Tips To Spruce Up Your Home pillow covers floral
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We all know a spring clean is due, but we all do our best to avoid it; it’s not the most glamorous of tasks. To help you fly through the chores, we’ve put together our favourite tips and tricks to make this year’s spring clean feel effortless.

Firstly, make sure you have all the tools you need. For a thorough, all round clean, we recommend you have a vacuum, a dustpan or broom, a cloth or duster (extendable dusters are great for reaching high up areas) and a mop. Extras that might help you along your way are always beneficial and from oven cleaner and kettle descaleraccent pillow case baby decorative, to toilet wipes and shower spray, we have you covered.

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Secondly, it’s difficult to clean when the tools you’re using are dirty before you begin! Make sure you give a little TLC to your cleaning products:

Bicarbonate of soda is great for absorbing strong, smelly odours, so by placing an open box of the white powder in your wardrobe or linen closet, you can keep any musty smells out and keep the just-washed freshness in. Try placing it in the bottom of your waste bin too and it will keep smells to a minimum.

Bicarbonate of soda can also be used to keep your mattress, and even your shoes, smelling fresh. Simply sprinkle the powder onto your mattress or into your shoes, leave for 8 hours then vacuum it away.

A weekly chore made all the more easy with a touch of bicarbonate of soda. By adding a cup to your whites wash alongside your normal washing powder or detergent, your wash will sparkle as if your garments are new.

Bicarbonate of soda can also help revive the coloured fabrics and remove lingering odours from your bedding. Soak your bed linen in a mix of bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar before rinsing thoroughly,? and follow up with a warm wash.

And if the weather just doesn’t hold out, try using an indoor airer as a simple fix for drying out your laundry. Heated airers are especially great if you are in a hurry.

By adding bicarbonate of soda to your washing up liquid or a damp cloth or sponge, you can remove grease from your kitchen items much more easily. It’s great for the oven too! Sprinkle baking powder and white vinegar on to the bottom of your oven, let it bubble up and then wipe away with a sponge.

Pet areas can be a nightmare to keep clean and fur-free. Because of this, many vacuums now offer a pet fur feature to allow you to easily vacuum away any loose fur.

Another great way to remove unwanted pet fur from your furnishings is by using rubber gloves. Thanks to their material and texture, rubber gloves help to create friction, leading to static charge which can help pick up pet fur just as easily as a lint roller or vacuum.

Opening your windows and letting your home air with a natural, fresh spring breeze is one of the best ways to banish stagnant pet odours. However, if weather is not permitting, spray affected areas with a mixture of white vinegar and water, leave for half an hour and then sponge off with cool water until the vinegar is rinsed out.

Probably everyone’s least favourite room to clean, the bathroom brings a variety of tricky spots and challenging tasks to tackle. Arming yourself with these key items will make this chore easy and hassle-free:

All of these items are available in our OXO cleaning collection

The kitchen is often a focal point of the home; it’s the place where delicious food is cooked and eaten with the whole family. As a heavily used area it can be tough to keep on top of cleaning and tidying, but when your kitchen sparkles, people notice.

Lemon can make a huge difference to your kitchen. By chopping a lemon in half and rubbing the inside across surfaces such as chopping boards, both stains and smells will be a thing of the past.

Placing a halved lemon in your fridge can also keep strong smells at bay, while adding chopped lemon to your dishwasher load can keep the machine smelling fresh and your plates sparkling.

Once your big clean is complete you’;ll want to keep it looking good, but it can be difficult to maintain this level of spotlessness. Our final few tips will help keep up appearances even if you didn’t get around to cleaning when you said you would.

Keep your bed made. This not only makes your bedroom look tidy and clutter-free, it also makes your bed look much more cosy and inviting.

Add a floral touch, through real flowers or faux, to reinforce that spring freshness and brighten any room.

Declutter. Often while you’;re cleaning you’;ll find items of clothing or ornaments you’d forgotten about. This makes spring cleaning the perfect time to declutter and decide whether you actually need any of these items. The chances are, if you’ve forgotten they existed, you probably don’t need or want them anymore.

For more decluttering tips, read our New Year Declutter post.

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