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accent pillow case baby decorative Distressing Our Cupcake Stand personalized wedding gifts

custom design gift for father
custom design gift for father
accent pillow case baby decora
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accent pillow case baby decorative Distressing Our Cupcake Stand personalized wedding gifts
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Consistently throughout our planning process, I tried to scour Craigslist on a regular basis. For the most part this didn't work out for me too well, because I tend to exhaustively research to feel that I've found the “;best deal.”; By that time, typically the item listed is already gone. I did luck out in one VERY budget-savvy way…; Our cupcake stand!

The before…;

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A past bride was selling a very sturdy cupcake stand from her recent weddingaccent pillow case baby decorative, and I was able to snatch it up for only $40! It turns out that a friend of the couple was a professional welder and had constructed the stand as a gift. “;Heavy duty”; is an understatement. This thing is STOUT, disassembles for easy storage, and its parts could easily serve as a weapon if needed. While originally a flat white, a good friend of mine offered to shabby it up to more fit the vibe of our wedding, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! In addition, a friend getting married in October is next on the borrow list.

The sneak peek…;

To match our burlap runners, she cut squares of burlap with a hole in the center that fit over the center rod of the stand. She made sure not to glue or secure these, as they laid better and could also be taken off for future use, or if I decided I didn't like them. The horribly time consuming part was the painting, which I feel could be a great tutorial for any BSB's who don't mind to get their hands dirty. While Lin is a pro at this, CLICK HERE for a YouTube tutorial that uses Elmer's Glue.

Here's the final product:

Final photos by The Perfect Pear.

The other day I went over to the Los Angeles Flower Market to pick up some beautiful ranunculus to take to Jaime’s casa. If you haven’t ever been there, I highly, highly recommend it. You are completely surrounded by every flower you could ever imagine and they are, for the most part, at an incredibly affordable price. We kept gawking at them and couldn’t let them just hang out in the vase, so we found a way to wear them by making a 5-minute flower corsage.

Truffle Aioli is the best way to enhance even the most basic recipes like sandwiches, fish, asparagus and more! Truffle Mayo is also great for drizzling or dipping fries and blending into dips.

These make me so happy:) Why? Well if you aren't happy just looking at these recycled jean placemats let me explain... Repurposing is becoming this happy little addiction of mine and this project uses old jeans, scraps of fabrics, and then topping it off with needle felting (which I also loooove) and using my bedazzler! Wow...oh happy day:) They look great on the table and for picnics you can just add the silverware and napkins, roll them up and you are ready to go.