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accent pillow case baby decorative Free Wedding Menu Template personalized wedding gifts

custom design gift for father
custom design gift for father
accent pillow case baby decora
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accent pillow case baby decorative Free Wedding Menu Template personalized wedding gifts
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This free printable wedding menu from Download & Print will help elevate the look of your reception tables! By the time your wedding menu is decided you are getting close to W-day, so I kept this project nice and simple. It's such an easy wedding DIY project that you can hand the task over to even the most craft-challenged of your family and friends.

accent pillow case baby baby decoration

The menu wraps around a napkin and silverware at each place setting, so plan ahead. Have your venue set the table accordingly so that you (or your day-of coordinator) can just show up and slip on the menus! Easy peasy!

I’ve designed the menu to print in black and white, which not only makes them super cheap to run copiesaccent pillow case baby decorative, but also gives you the chance to coordinate with your wedding theme by printing on paper that matches your wedding colors. Or go with classic black on white paper and use a colored napkin. There are lots of options to make this place setting your own. To get started download the free wedding menu template below, grab your scissors, and go!

Download the wedding menu template file and open in MS Word. Add your wedding menu details. The fonts used are Edwardian Script and Garamond, both of which can be found online. You can substitute any fonts of your choosing.

The file prints in black ink only, which gives you the opportunity to print on colored or even lightly patterned paper to tie in with your wedding theme.

Trim the menu along the cut lines with your scissors. The cut lines are hard to see on your screen, but I promise they are there and will be obvious once you print the file.

Hint: When cutting the curves, keep your scissors still and rotate the paper, using one long sweeping cut motion.

Fold both flaps backward along the fold lines.

Wrap the menu around a napkin. I did not use tape to secure the menu at the back, the weight of the cloth was enough to keep the menu in place. You could use a small piece of tape to ensure a snug fit.

Slip in silverware and move on to the next place setting. Bon appetit!

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