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accent pillow case baby decorative Chevron Fever decorative pillow shams

custom design gift for father
custom design gift for father
accent pillow case baby decora
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accent pillow case baby decorative Chevron Fever decorative pillow shams
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What exactly is a chevron, you ask??A single chevron is a V shape made with a line or a stripe,?similar to the chevron insignia patches worn on the sleeves of military uniforms to indicate rank or length of service.?Rows of?repeated chevrons can create a zigzag pattern (although there is some discussion about zigzag patterns vs. chevrons, like Suzannah’;s?post hereaccent pillow case baby decorative, and Just Jingle’;s rant here).

No matter what you choose to call them, chevrons OR zigzags, these repeating patterns have been turning up in all kinds of sewing projects lately?– and I think I’;ve got the fever! The only prescription –?you guessed it, is more chevrons!

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Create a modern baby quilt with a large, meandering chevron pattern with this tutorial from Rashida Coleman-Hale posted at Generation Q. Piecing half-square triangles is a simple method for creating a chevron pattern in quilting.

Cindy at Hyacinth Quilt Designs shares her method for making pretty pieced chevrons along with some tips for putting together projects with this method. I really love how Cindy pairs her colors and strips of different sizes in her chevron designs. This is the method I want to try next!

BeeSquareFabrics.com has a great guest blog post from Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts, showing how to create a?zigzagging chevron?pattern by piecing rectangles together. It just goes to show that there’;s more than one way to construct a crafty chevron.

If piecing isn’;t your thing, you can look for one of the many fabrics sporting chevron and zigzag?patterns, like Riley Blake’;s Chevron Prints?or Premier Fabrics Zoom Zoom collection.?Check at your local independent fabric or quilting store to see what kind of chevron prints are in stock.

I just love this one! Not all chevrons?are fabric – check out Katie Harris’;?handmade?chevron spool holder/organizer!

This chevron pillow is totally fab! Get the how-to from Caitlin at Biscuits &; Jam.

Here’;s a great chevron project for the wee ones from the crafty Schwin sisters. Check out the Shwin &; Shwin Chevron, My Chevron Tunic tutorial.

Use this little tutorial from Life is {Sew} Daily to create a simple chevron skirt using a favorite simple skirt as a pattern – a perfect project for spring!

Make a super-cute chevron wristlet with Rae’;s tutorial from Made by Rae.

And there you have it, some of my favorite chevron/zig-zaggy projects from around the web. I hope you are inspired to get sewing!


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I have always loved how cute union suits are on little people so when I found this striped fabric, I knew that I had to give it a try. Thank goodness I did because this might have been my favorite project yet! It helps that my boys like them as much as I do! In fact, my middle son ?was so taken by his pair that he refused to take them off. As much as I hated hearing him tantrum, I can't say that my ego wasn't stroked a little. :)?