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accent pillow case baby decorative Flower Friday- Glass Ornament Vases funny cushion covers

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custom design gift for father
accent pillow case baby decora
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accent pillow case baby decorative Flower Friday- Glass Ornament Vases funny cushion covers
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I live in a studio apartment and instead of walls I have a big wooden wardrobe that divides the bedroom from the living room/kitchen/office. I’;ve found that hanging dried flower bouquets is a pretty way to decorate the back of the wardrobe, but the other day I decided to try something different with fresh flowers. I grabbed a few glass globe ornaments and turned them into flower vases. So pretty, right?

If I was throwing a dinner party I’;d love to hang these above the tableaccent pillow case baby decorative, or set a few near the window to have the sun shine through them. Pick a few flowers from the yard and let’;s get started!

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Learn how to make these flower ornament vases after the jump…;

Start out with Glass Ball Ornaments.

Remove the tops and fill each ornament about a 1/3 of the way with water. You don’;t want to add too much water or they will get too heavy and could possibly break off from the top once they are hanging.

Sprinkle in flower petals or push small flowers through the opening.

You want to stick with small flowers that will easily come out once you take them down. I found that I especially loved the look of flower petals in the vases. Have fun with this and experiment with mixing different petals and leaves together.

Place the tops back on and hang with a piece of twine. If you are only using these once you can seal the tops with hot glue.

Hang them over your dessert table, dinner table, or along a wall in your home to brighten up a space this fall.

Every year right around the end of May I start to get an idea that I need to make a summer quilt.? This year was no exception.? ?I pulled out my stash of Liberty fabrics and started scheming a lightweight summer quilt to make.

I think I’ve made it clear over the years that I am obsessed with Mexican textiles and Mexican Modern decor. On our last cruise together, Jacinda snuck out and bought me a serape to use to re-upholster some stuff I’d been telling her about. I finally got around to it.