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pillow shams floral digital memory archive (photograph stuff then give it away) geometric cushion covers

custom design gift for father
custom design gift for father
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pillow shams floral
pillow shams floral digital memory archive (photograph stuff then give it away) geometric cushion covers
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Although we’;ve always thought of ourselves as rather minimalist, we’;ve been realizing that we have attachments to things that we don’;t really want or need anymore, and have a hard time letting them go. What we are really attached to are the memories and associations the object spurs, afraid we’;d lose the memory if we could never see the object again. As a solutionpillow shams floral, we started photographing things we wanted to let go of to create a digital archive of “;Memory Stuff”;. It freed us up to give stuff away.

Now we have a photo to remind us the tiny blue-gray pebbles we collected as we sat for hours on a beach near San Francisco talking to a friend many years ago…;We don’;t need to write anything down, because the memories are within us, called up instantly.

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We discovered a variation of this strategy in a recent SwissMiss post called Eulogy of Stuff; it quoted a Comment left on an Apartment Therapy thread by a reader named?slocumnavigator:

When an item is in dispute (meaning I want to sell, toss, or recycle it and the kids need to keep it), we take a photo and stick the photo in a book, where they get to write a small eulogy about it. Then it goes out. You’d be amazed how this small project has taught them to view what is special and what is not.

A digital memory archive is an inexpensive way to “;have”; things without really having them, freeing you up to pass the real object on to someone who will value it, and make their own memories with/of it…;It’;s an antidote to “;stuffism”;.

In this way, we still have the thin beeswax church candles we bought on a Greek island, that smelled of flowers and honey…;

…;and the tin Dopey wind-up toy from a friend who died of AIDS many years ago…;

…;and the odd little chalice of molded sugar that we bought at a pastry shop in a tiny ancient town in Italy; it had been pure white and filled with tiny candies…;

…;and many other memorable things…;

All photos by Tara Mann.