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pillow shams floral Winter Magic Mixed Media Layout personalised birthday gifts

custom design gift for father
custom design gift for father
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pillow shams floral
pillow shams floral Winter Magic Mixed Media Layout personalised birthday gifts
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If you winter has brought you snow, then you might just have some great winter wonderland photos that are longing to be added to a snowy mixed media layout. ?Marie shows us how to create a great winter background with beautiful hues of blue and?neutrals that are just perfect for this sweet black and white photo. ?Do you print your photos in black and white or color or a bit of both. ?It is so much fun to create layouts?with black and white photos as you have all the?flexibility in the world, from the color?palette to the style and even from?the theme to the message. ?The photo proudly stands out while your creativity surrounds it. ?Marie resides in Sweden where it can get pretty chilly. ?She says you get used to it, not sure if you will convince everyone of that, but the beauty of the snow might make up for the bitter cold temps.

Can you imagine having -25 degrees Celcius? As I′m writing this is has been so cold for over a week. Even though the cold we go outside. Is sounds strange, but you actually get used to the cold. Today I′m sharing a layout using a where I have used Tattered Angels mists to make a water color effect on my background.

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?This technique is really easy. You need just a few basic supplies. I have used:

White Gesso

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist?“;Navy Blue“;pillow shams floral, “;Jack Frost“;, “;Dragonfly”; &; “;Icicle Blue“;

Glimmer Mist is a water-based tinted mist with mica that is perfect for tinting paper, fabric, wood, silk, cork, burlap, terra-cotta and other porous surfaces. ?The touch of mica gives a beautiful glimmer with each spray. ?Over 120 colors of Glimmer Mist, there is a full rainbow of colors to choose from. ?Along with this wide selection you will also find a full color range of Simply Sheer Mist, the same mist as Glimmer Mist, but with no Glimmer.

Tattered Angels Baseboard Mist “;Sky”; &; “;Sandy Beach“;

Very similar to Glimmer Mist, but with two big distinctions, Baseboard Mist does not have any mica, just pure color and it is a bit more?translucent than Glimmer Mist. ?Tattered Angels also offers a more opaque mist like Baseboard with the glimmer and that is Chalkboard Mist.

Spray bottle with water

Heat Gun

Step 1: ?You first off all need to prep your surface with gesso and let it dry (I use a heater). This will allow your wet mediums to blend and not go trough the surface (in this case a white White Thickstock?(140# paper that is amazing to work with). Spray on a LOT of water on your paper, and then start adding the mists. You can dribble, splatter and spay. Bend the paper and let the paint run. Add more water etc. It′s just no limits to what you can do.

Step 2: ?When everything has dry you can add stamping, decorations and your photo. I layered scrap papers from 7gypises Wanderlust and?Ordre du Jour?to layer under my photo.

?Thank you for your visit today!

Products from Canvas Corp Brands

Canvas Home Basics Thickstock White

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist “;Icicle Blue”;

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist “;Navy Blue”;

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist “;Dragonfly”;

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist “;Jack Frost”;

Tattered Angels Baseboard Mist “;Sandy Beach”;

Tattered Angels Baseboard Mist “;Sky”;

7gypsies Wanderlust Collection “;Pack Your Bags”; 12×;12 (back)

7gypsies Ordre du Jour Collection “;Pen and tell her”; 12×;12?(back)

7gypsies Wood Stamp “;Distressed Words”;

So if the kids get?the chance to play in?the snow this winter, snap a few shots and print them in black and white or color, choose just?the right mists and create beautiful winter mixed media layouts.

For more of Marie’;s work, visit her blog Creative without Limits.

Happy Creating!!!

I opted to use seed beads and waxed cotton twine – I know it doesn’t sparkle and shine the way some people make their wraps, but it keeps the cost way down, which I think is important for seasonal pieces. ?Depending on what you keep on-hand, this should be something you can make for $5 or less.

Well, the Indianapolis Colts weren’t in the Big Game this year, which is okay because they had a darn good season – and at least we can say, they got knocked out of the playoffs by the champs this year. ?;) But despite our team not playing, we still had a great Big Game party with our friends!

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