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pillow shams floral Ruched Bolster Pillow with Pony Tail Ends customized rustic pillow covers _1

custom design gift for father
custom design gift for father
accent pillow case baby decora
pillow shams floral
pillow shams floral Ruched Bolster Pillow with Pony Tail Ends customized rustic pillow covers _1
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Here at S4H, we believe one of the best ways to be happier is to surround yourself with home décor that makes you smile. Why are you smiling? Because you made it yourself! This colorful?mini bolster is a great start to your happiness project. It looks fancy with its ruched center panel, piping accents, and pony tail endspillow shams floral, but it's easier than you might think... and?easy makes us happy!

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The center ruched accent (a panel with gathering along both sides is considered ruched) gives the bolster a unique dimensional embellishment and goes nicely with the gathered pony tail ends.

This pretty round pillow was originally done it a colorful floral that completely lived up to the collection’s name:?Happy Land?by Jennifer Paganelli for FreeSpirit Fabric. We had so much fun with the original, we created a second pair, switching the palette to a deep navy, wedgwood blue, and cream with gold metallic accents to give the new version a sleek and elegant styling.?

Our second set of fabrics is from the?Charleston?collection by Revive for Timeless Treasures, a 2015 collection from the S4H stash. Both fabric collections are no longer readily available, however, rather than worrying too much about the particular fabric we used, focus instead on how a new combination can create a whole new look. Try your own experimentation; below are a few new fabrics that would make a lovely bolster (or two or three). ?

Three options from Jennifer Paganelli's Sunny Isle:

? ????

Three options from Art Gallery Boho Fusion:

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We do recommend making your own piping rather than using packaged. The pillow's design really needs the bolder dimension of the thicker ?" piping cord. And, of course, making it yourself allows you to choose a perfect fabric – to match or contrast. We used the same piping on our pair of pillows to tie them together as a coordinated set. ?

Our original bolster was 14" x 6", but as you'll see below, we also give you options for two additional sizes (the two sizes we used for our second set): 14" x 5" and 16" x 6". The deep 9" ponytail ends are the same for all three sizes.

Two bolster pillow forms in slightly different sizes makes an interesting pair when displayed on a couch or chair.?You could also make just one to add a bit of variety to a standard pile of square and rectangle pillows.


Project Design: Alicia Thommas?? Sample Creation and Instructional Outline: Aimee McGaffey

Maybe it’s the endless-summer feeling that comes from being surrounded by palm-leaf prints and bright botanicals, or the retro vibe cast by?all that brass and rattan. Whatever the reason, tropical decor is everywhere we turn these days. If you’re ready to bring the outdoors in, vintage shops are a great starting point for one-of-a-kind accessories and statement pieces (breezy woven seating, an iconic pineapple ice bucket). Just be sure to layer with contemporary elements—say, a minimalist bench and jewel-tone velvet pillows—to avoid the whole stuck-in-a-time-capsule-in-the-jungle thing.

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