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pillow shams floral A-Z of Interior Design Part 5- Q – T funny cushion covers

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custom design gift for father
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pillow shams floral
pillow shams floral A-Z of Interior Design Part 5- Q – T funny cushion covers
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When you're setting up your interior design, there are many thing to consider, what elements will be part of it, what look and feeling you are trying to convey. What makes this type of design so interesting and fun is that anybody can do it and it is flexible. You can easily change parts of it if not all of every few years to be more suited to what style you like or what personal changes you might want to reflect. Q for Quilt covers an often overlooked part of interior design. R for Rugs in all shapes, colours, designs and styles. S for Silk &; Satin soft furnishings. T for Tie backs, to add a touch of panache and flair to curtains!

Quilt coverspillow shams floral, as with all bedding, are sometimes the obvious but overlooked element of interior design, especially when applied to the bedroom. The great thing about these is that they can come in a variety of fabrics, colours and patterns. Quilt or duvet cover sets can be replaced every few years, as often as you would like, to reflect whatever style you choose or whatever impression you might want to deliver. The material can also be changed and not only does this have practical implications – the physical feel changing how you feel in the bedroom, but it also gives the visitor a different sense of what the room's design is all about.

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Rugs have a very large place in home design and can add a lot to a room, not only in function, but also in design. Rugs can also be hung from the wall, to be strictly design and decorative elements. Rugs come in a wide variety of colours and materials. The type of material and colour will depend on the type of look you are going for – such as contemporary, modern, classic, country, or traditional and more. One great thing about rugs is that they can 'break-up' the room a little bit. Rooms with hardwood floors and tiles can get a little cold and cheap rugs are a great way to add some warmth.

Silk and satin can be used in all sorts of areas of interior design. These materials are perfect fro drapes, curtains, pillows and bedding. These materials certainly convey thoughts of quality and elegance and luxury, and there is also a very classic and traditional appeal to them which can be used sparingly in contemporary or modern design. Silk and satin can be used in small or large forms – examples would be curtains hanging from a four poster bed or, in smaller form, a few silk or satin cushions and throws.

Curtain tie backs UK can be used not only on the curtains which cover windows and glass doors, but can also be used on the curtains some of us have covering our bed. This is certainly common as part of large four poster beds where the curtains add an extra visual appeal, elegance and luxury. These tie back can match the colour and material of the curtain, or they can be distinctly different, allowing a contrast to be appreciated. The curtain might be a cotton fabric but the tiebacks (curtains) might be metal clips or leather with small buckles.

You guys!!!!? Making these Greek God and Goddess costumes for my kids this year has been SO FUN!? I’m still so annoyed with myself for not starting a month ago, but gaaaah……making these costumes has gotten my creative adrenaline pumping at insane levels!! I still have 2 more to make but hey, there’s still 3 more days until we have to wear them this weekend—that’s plenty of time!!! Ha! ;)

Okay, I confess, the entire reason I made this was for the Backpack contest - but that's what they're there for, right? Motivation! Having discovered the contest rather too late to do anything big however, I decided to make a miniature backpack that doubles as a bag attachment AND a travel sewing kit! Or you know, just a miniature backpack. Whatever floats your boat. This still counts as a backpack right?

Decorative painting of wood floors has become extremely popular over the past few years. Painting offers an inexpensive, fast way to cover up a wood floor that may need work. It offers a number of interesting decorating options for formal and informal rooms. And, while it might be a bit of a mess to undo and go back to natural wood, it is definitely worth the effort as the result can often be stunning. Included below are the basic steps to taking artistic license with your wood floor.