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pillow shams floral Child’s Apron PDF Pattern (6 pattern styles, 5 different sizes)…new in the SHOP! customized baby gifts

custom design gift for father
custom design gift for father
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pillow shams floral
pillow shams floral Child’s Apron PDF Pattern (6 pattern styles, 5 different sizes)…new in the SHOP! customized baby gifts
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Okay…;..I’;m so excited for today.? So SO excited!? You guys remember sweet Cami (From Tidbits) who has been a guest blogger around here for almost a whole year now?? In case you need a refresher, here are some of my favorite projects that she has made and shared here on this blog:

? ? ?

pillow covers floral

(DIY Hamper Frame and Fabric Bag, No-Sew Elsa Cape, Marble Fabric, Fishing Toy)

Well, Cami and I have become friends through this whole process and I really do adore her!? In fact, she was even in CO a month or so ago (her husband had a business trip) and we were able to chat for a while!? Anyway, we started chatting about creating actual patterns with printable pattern pieces and the amount of work that it takes to create, draft, test, etc.? And you know, I really wish I could do that for every single tutorial that I post here.? But, wellpillow shams floral, I gotta sleep some time.? Haha! ;)? However, making pattern pieces is so rewarding because then others can actually create your project how you intended and feel so excited that it actually turned out…;..instead of, well, the head-explosions that I know sometimes happen when you have to “;wing it”; and create your own patterns (I know that’;s a little tricky sometimes…;.sorry). Anyway, that’;s why I opened up my Pattern Shop years ago.? In fact, I have really been wanting to add more patterns in that shop for along time now. (Maybe really soon?)? Yes, they take some time…;..but I think it’;s kinda fun for everyone.?

Anyway, I mentioned to Cami that if she ever wanted to give it a go, she was more than welcome to give it a try and sell some over in my shop.? She decided to dive right in and has been working her guts out on a really fun pattern to share, that she turned into a PDF file so that the exact pattern pieces and sizes could be downloaded to your computer and then printed off for you to use at your very own home. No guessing, no pattern drafting, none of that!? She did all of the hard part for you…;…;.and the results are absolutely ADORABLE!!

And no matter what she tells you, she did most of the work.? I only offered tiny bits of advice, helped her edit for clarity, and then tested it out myself.? And yep, she totally rocked this whole pattern-making-thing (but you’;ll see that down below).? My favorite part…;…;is that she included SO many sizes and also made it so functional for both girls AND boys.? This pattern is going to rock my world for Christmas gifts this year!? Okay, and birthday gifts too.? And for just plain ol’; imaginative play!? Anyway, I’;m just so happy for Cami and am THRILLED she decided to take the time to create a very detailed pattern so that others could enjoy a really fun sewing project!

Now, enough from me…;…;you’;re gonna love this! :)


. . . . .

Hey guys, it’;s Cami!? And I am so EXCITED to finally be sharing this with you!? I put a lot of time into making this pattern just right for those who might be interested and I am so pleased with how it turned out.? And so are my kids! ;)

But here it is —; The Child’;s Apron Pattern.?

(Available in the Make It and Love It Pattern Shop)

I know I’;m not the first person in the world to ever create an apron.? Or probably even an apron pattern.? But with 3 little girls (and a baby boy who will soon want one of his own, I’;m sure) there has been a high demand for aprons in our household over the years.? So I have perfected the design on real-live kids and created a pattern that would be quick to use for a whole bunch of sizes, with a huge variety of options.? But at the same time, very kid friendly. (I’;ll explain more about that below.)

I have truly enjoyed making this pattern available to all of you and really hope you’;ll love it as well!

But let me tell you a little more about them first —;

It is 1 pattern, 5 sizes (2-12 years old), and 6 different apron styles –; giving you the most bang for your buck!

It is designed for sewing levels from beginning to advanced. ?If you are just starting out in your sewing journey, this pattern will guide you through every single step of the way.. ?It not only comes with clear pictures and detailed directions for every single step, but I added in plenty of sewing tips and suggestions along the way to help you make this apron look as professional as something you would find in a store. ?Probably even better!

If you have been sewing for quite some time, this pattern will do all the thinking for you. ?No need to fuss over methods of sewing or measurements . . . it is all there for you and you can sew one up in no time at all!

Everything you need to know about sewing this apron is written out in a clear, easy to follow format. ?You’;ll find information on design possibilities, sizing, fabric choices, how to piece your pattern together, supplies you’;ll need, and more.

You’;ll be amazed at just how easy it is to create a one of a kind apron suited for the little one it’;s made for!

Perhaps the best feature of the apron, is that it is very child friendly. ?Your child will need little or no help putting their apron on and taking it off.? And trust me, I thanked myself every time I watched my own little ones put their own apron on each time they wanted to wear it, instead of asking me to come and tie it around them.? Every.? Single.? Time.? :)

There is a Velcro closure for the waist band and around the neck that are very simple to attach but also adds sizing adaptability for your child.

The aprons from this pattern have the capability to be taken in 3 inches at the waist, or taken out 3 inches.? They can adapt to your growing child for possibly a couple of years. ?Pattern sizes range from approximately 2 years old all the way up to 12 years old.

The full aprons have a Velcro attachment on the neck strap that also allows for the length to be extended or shortened as needs be.

Each apron method also has it’;s own style of pocket, with, you got it —; pattern pieces for each!? And these different pocket styles offer a variety of functions for your busy little one!

Now here are all of the different apron styles, broken down a little more.

The CURVED AND RUFFLED design gives this apron a little girly twist.

You can make this style as a half apron for a sweet little cafe girl, or maybe a kitchen helper…;”;May I take your order?”;

The full apron makes for such a darling little mommy’;s helper!

My little one insists on wearing it most of the day!

But of course, no one ever said boys can’;t wear aprons!

This POCKET FULL design has deep, long pockets. ?Perfect for a tool belt or to keep items handy when helping out on the job.

Or give it a full apron cover, to protect clothing while still keeping the essentials close at hand.

My oldest, who is also our little artist, is thrilled with her new apron!

But sometimes, it is best to just keep things simple!

This SIMPLY SQUARED APRON with a little squared pocket, does just that.

And just like the others, the SIMPLY SQUARED version can be made as a full coverage apron.?

The simple pockets on this apron style still allows your child with enough “;stuff space”; to help around the house or yard.? And they are a perfect fit for little hands.

Whatever design you choose, I am sure there will be plenty of smiles!

Special thanks to my little helpers!!

Here are some purchasing details you will need to know:

Check out Cami’s blog Tidbits, her Pinterest Boards, and her Facebook Page.

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