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pillow shams floral Michael’s Dream Tree CHALLENGE 2013 pillow case baby

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custom design gift for father
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pillow shams floral
pillow shams floral Michael’s Dream Tree CHALLENGE 2013 pillow case baby
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I know, I know…;…;what happened to Thanksgiving?!?!? Well, I’;m not skipping it, just getting a little head start on my Christmas tree this year!

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And that’;s because Michael’;s contacted me and asked if I would participate in their Dream Tree Challenge (#JustAddMichaels campaign) and decorate a Christmas Tree, using supplies from their store.? Uhhhh…;…;”;YES, pretty please!”;? No arm twisting here.? Now that Halloween’;s over…;…;..I’;m itching for all of the Christmas love to begin.? And hey, thanks to this little challengepillow shams floral, I’;ve now got a nice little kick start to my holiday decorating.? (Come on guys, join me!? It feels great!!)

So, I received my 7 foot pre-lit Willow Christmas Tree in the mail and headed to my local Michael’;s Craft Store (with a gift card in hand) and browsed around a while, trying to decide on vibrant colors or muted?? Harsh textures or soft?? Stars, angels, or a big bow at the top??? Hmmmmmm.? I don’;t mind shopping one bit, so I browsed and browsed and browsed.

And finally decided on this:

A bit of sparkle, touches of soft, some rough, and pretty muted in color…;

And a sparkly gold star to sit on top.

To be honest, I have never filled up a tree so full of trimmings…;…;…;but once I started adding, I couldn’;t stop.? And ended up loving all the details on my little tree.

And those two little “;rein”;deer are a welcome addition to our family.? Chloe sneaks them and tries pushing them in a stroller, while Elli dances with them while singing, “;Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”;.? I, however, like them to sit right by the tree.? We all know I’;ll just “;pretend”; to notice the reindeer-napping…;..because the sneaking of the reindeer only means my girls are just as excited for Christmas as I am. :)

And one little itty bitty confession…;…;.Christmas music has now been granted access to our home.?? We try to wait until after Thanksgiving (which rarely happens anyway…;), but who can decorate a tree without your favorite Music tunes?!!? Not me.

And yes, she’;s just as beautiful at night.? Ahhhhhhh…;…;…;.I adore the warmth of those lights, causing everything to glow.

Oh, little Christmas tree.? I adore you.

And thank you Michael’;s.? What a treat this was!?

(However, now my kiddos are asking me every hour how many days until Christmas.? Thanks a lot!!! ;) )

Oh, and by the way, I’;ll be back later this week, sharing a little tutorial on something that I made using my supplies from Michael’;s.? Yay!

And just so you know…;…;

Michael’;s supplied the tree and supplies to create a tree of my own choice, however, all opinions stated are my own…;…;.and I only promote products I love.? -Ashley

Last night I used a few of my favorite Prudent Baby DIYs to give our powder bathroom a little personality. First I stretched a piece of Lourdes Sanchez Botanica Leafy Stripe Dove over a store bought canvas for a quick and inexpensive piece of large wall art (click for Wall Art DIY). And as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t nail a hole in my wall for just anything.Then I whipped up YET ANOTHER of Jaime’s Mod Podge Stools, this time with Lourdes Sanchez Botanica Large Floral Cream fabric (isn’t this entire collection gorg?!). I can’t get enough of these stools. I still want like three more. Apparently I love to torture myself by enabling Clare’s mischief. But I guess she is going to find her way on up on the counter regardless, so it might as well be on a pretty stool, right?

While still packed with the ergonomic features parents love (including curved straps, padded backs, and sized-to-fit proportions), the collection now uses recycled PET fabric — made from discarded plastic bottles and reclaimed poly.

Floral no longer has to mean chintzy. Floral no longer has to mean drab. Floral is now in fact a very contemporary and fashionable addition to your design scheme. The key to introducing floral effectively however is placement and scale. From a small cushion to complete lounge suite this article takes you through when and how to fashionably flower your home.