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pillow shams floral Quarter-Inch Seam Tip decorative pillow shams

custom design gift for father
custom design gift for father
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pillow shams floral
pillow shams floral Quarter-Inch Seam Tip decorative pillow shams
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Need to sew an accurate quarter-inch seam? Watch this quick video tip to see how the patchwork foot markings can help.

BERNINA offers an amazing collection of patchwork feet that make sewing quarter-inch seams a piece of cake! Each and every patchwork foot includes three evenly spaced markings one quarter-inch apart on the side to help with precise piecing. Look under the foot and you will see a narrow groove in the flat sole that acts as a thread channel to keep patchwork moving smoothly under the foot. Each of the patchwork feet has its special use—and each type of foot?includes a “;D”; version foot that is compatible with the Dual Feed function.

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Patchwork foot #37/#37D is the original quarter-inch foot and can be used with the Seam Guide attached to the back if needed. This foot is engineered for models with a maximum 5mm stitch width.

Patchwork foot with guide #57/#57D is similar to Patchwork foot #37/#37D with a spring-loaded guide to the right of the foot. This guide offers extra assurance for accurate piecing and the spring allows the guide to move easily over uneven layers. This foot is engineered for models with a maximum 5mm stitch width.

Patchwork foot #97/#97D is designed for accurate feeding and stitching with quarter-inch seams on models with a maximum 9mm stitch width. This foot comes with an additional Patchwork Guide that attaches to the machine for accurate seams.

Here’;s a few more of my favorite tips to help you create perfect patchwork seams!

Layering is key to creating a comfy bed that spans the seasons. We create beautiful, versatile bedding designed to mix, matchpillow shams floral, and customize your warmth. To show you how to layer your bed in three easy steps, we used our popular all-cotton Dream Quilt mixed with Supima? cotton sheets.

Hey momoluvers, it's Momo and today I wanted to make a coffee bag wallet! I made this a while ago using this tutorial and thought it was such a cool concept, so I wanted to make an updated version (since the original instructable was made almost 8 years ago). Even though the concept is the same, I completely changed the appearance of this wallet. I think this looks much nicer, even though it is a little more work than it's predecessor. This is another completely made from scratch instructable; I created the template and the tutorial from nothing so I hope you enjoy!

Your baby is most vulnerable to diseases and illnesses during the first year of his life. If bottles are not sterilized then you risk having bacteria build up and potentially causing your baby to become ill.